Bay City and the No Coal Coalition take one BIG step towards victory!

Over 100 concerned citizens arrived at Bay City’s Service Center on Tuesday night for a town hall to learn about the water rationing and water quality issues surrounding the proposed White Stallion Coal Plant.  The panelists included water experts, wildlife experts, fishermen, and farmers.  Buddy Treybig, a local fisherman and shrimper, expressed his concerned regarding the construction of the plant. “If it pollutes any, it’s too much,” Buddy said of the proposed coal plant which is currently seeking its first permit, needed to begin construction.   Buddy said he is not willing to take a chance when it comes to the pollution of his community, “it’s too much of a gamble.”  All of those in the audience who came forward to make comments or ask questions expressed a serious concern over the health impacts of the plant.

One of the highlights of the evening was Judge Nate McDonald’s announcement that he and the majority of the county commissioners are now opposed to the construction of the coal plant.  We thank and applaud Judge McDonald’s decision and we invite him to join us in the efforts to prevent this hazardous plant from being built in Bay City.

Hats off to the No Coal Coalition for hosting such a successful event and we congratulate them for making such high strides Tuesday night.  We can smell victory!


One response to “Bay City and the No Coal Coalition take one BIG step towards victory!

  1. Donna,
    Good Job, I will check it out again tonight.

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