Shoot for the (Clean Energy) Moon

Today, we thank labor unions for 8 hour workdays, weekends, and paid vacations.  Soon, with the contribution of business, environmental, and community leaders, we’ll be thanking them for the clean energy revolution too.

The coalition is called the Apollo Alliance, and it’s based on the simple notion that cooperative investment in clean energy technologies will create jobs, stimulate the economy, and curb climate change.  The name is inspired by America’s space race, the outrageously ambitious notion that we would put a man on the moon within a decade.  This is Round Two of that kind of can-do, American attitude, but this time, we’ve got more challengers and a moving target.

At the national level, priorities are about investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, mass transit, and strategies for reducing carbon emissions.

At the local level, community leadership, business, and labor must work to develop strategies in their own cities and counties to invite clean energy investments- to create jobs, to stimulate the economy, and to curb climate change.

The Apollo Alliance is coming to Texas- what kind of jobs do you want to see come to your neighborhood?

For success stories, click here.

For a really incredible success story that will create a lot of good union jobs, a lot of public transportation, and will even pay down the federal deficit, click here and here.

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