Texas featured in NYT Green Column

The New York Times’ Green Column wrote this article about Texas’ leadership in renewable energy.

A couple key passages:

“If Texas were its own country, it would generate more wind power than all but five nations — the United States, China, Germany, Spain and India.”

If only! Just kidding. Sort of.

“In Texas, wind accounts for 6 percent of the electricity on the grid. But after a decade of rampant growth, wind is running into a significant constraint: There are too few transmission lines to carry the power.”

“Wind advocates, stung by assertions that their industry depends on federal largesse, point out that fossil fuels and nuclear power receive subsidies and tax breaks as well”

“Texas seems likely to remain the leader in U.S. wind power for a long time. A big reason is that it is simply easier to erect turbines there than in other states. With its oil and natural-gas history, Texas is less concerned about environmental effects of the big machines than states like California.”

“More than 90 percent of Texas is private land, and the state imposes virtually no permit requirements on that land. Randy Sowell, a 10-year veteran of the Texas wind industry, puts it this way: “In Texas, you can put anything you want on your own private land and nobody can say a thing about it.””

Weigh in on the future of wind in our comments section.

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