Sunset-Ready Houstonians Give TCEQ an Earful

TCEQ Sunset Eco Town Hall

Citizens fed up with water, air, and soil pollution in a state where industry runs roughshod over our rights gathered on Wednesday at the University of Houston to address the first in a series of Town Hall meetings being organized by local environmental groups across the state.  And what a great kick-off it was with State Representative Jessica Farrar,  fomer TCEQ Commissioner Larry Soward and current TCEQ chief Mark Vickery on the panel

Righteous citizens ready for change see a once-in-a-decade opportunity to make pollution history in the Sunset Review process which is currently examining the functions of the Texas Rail Road Commission and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. 

Sierra Club is working with partner groups in the Alliance for a Clean Texas to assist some of the groups in having big and successful Town Hall meetings.   Find out more about upcoming Town Hall meetings and make sure you make your opinion known in this window of opportunity leading up to…PUT THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR…the December 15, 2010, TCEQ Sunset Review PUBLIC HEARING in Austin.  More details on that hearing to follow.  In then meantime, shake your booty out to the Town Hall Meeting nearest to you!

Congratulations to the Air Alliance Houston, Houston Sierra Club, Texas Campaign for the Environment, Alliance for a Clean Texas, and the League of Women Voters for an excellent big success at the first of the historic TCEQ Sunset Town Hall meetings!

One response to “Sunset-Ready Houstonians Give TCEQ an Earful

  1. Here’s independent journalist Ken Fountain’s take on the Houston Eco Town Hall:

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