Senate Committee Talks Texas Groundwater, Sept. 22nd

The Texas Senate Natural Resources Committee is holding a public hearing tomorrow (Wednesday, September 22) to discuss a couple of their interim charges (charges 1, 2, & 4).  The hearing begins at 8:30 in room E1.012 at the State Capitol in Austin.  Ken Kramer, Director of the Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club has been invited to give testimony on charge #2 (groundwater management) at the hearing. .

The topics that the hearing will cover are the joint planning process for management of groundwater known as the GMA process and the financing of water infrastructure projects in the state. All the folks interested in groundwater will be monitoring this hearing to hear the latest opinions.  Representatives from the Texas Water Development Board, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Texas Farm BureauTexas Alliance of Groundwater Districts, Texas Water Conservation Association and the Sierra Club will all be there to offer their testimony on how the GMA process is proceeding and what, if any, suggestions they have for changing the process.

We have written before on the GMA process and some of the pitfalls that we have witnessed along the way.  You can read those posts here and here.  The GMA process is a work in progress and there are some components that have worked better that others.  It should be intersting to hear what groundwater professionals and others have to say on the topic tomorrow.  You should be able to view the committee hearing at

Posted by Jennifer Walker, Water Resources Specialist, Lone Star Chapter Sierra Club


One response to “Senate Committee Talks Texas Groundwater, Sept. 22nd

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