This is Why We Don’t Like Coal Plants

If built, White Stallion coal plant could hasten 600 Matagorda County deaths.

A few years ago, the Clean Air Task Force came out with a report “Dirty Power, Dirty Air” that Texans have been pointing to since Governor Perry’s Texas coal rush began in 2005. The report has recently been updated and you can see the health impacts and related economic costs from coal plant pollution in our state in this latest version, “Death and Disease from Power Plants.”

Coal plant pollution is linked to asthma and early mortality.

Today, the No Coal Coalition of Matagorda County, Sierra Club, and Public Citizen announced additional data calculated by the awesome scientists who produced that report. Their data shows that, if permitted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) then built and allowed to operate, the White Stallion Coal Plant would mean potentially 600 early deaths in Matagorda County from the nasty emissions of ozone-smog forming nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and other pollutants.

Sierra Club is stopping new coal plants, cleaning up and phasing out existing ones. We want to Phase out LCRA's Fayette coal plant in favor of clean energy and green jobs in Energy Efficiency and Renewables.

Early mortality is one of the big reasons we don’t want the Texas Commssion on Environmental Quality to vote the wrong way when the Administrative Law Judges’  proposal for decision on the White Stallion coal plant comes up on the TCEQ agenda next Wednesday in Austin.

At press conferences today in Bay City and Houston, Sierra Club and the No Coal Coalition, se presente!  Here’s what Dr. Barton Griffith, a Matagorda County resident and physician with the No Coal Coalition had to say —

This report just provides more scientific and statistical evidence backing up what the local medical community has recommended — that we do not want the White Stallion coal plant. It is a great health and ecological danger to our county.

Read more about it on the Lone Star Chapter’s press release.
Donna Hoffman, Communications Coordinator, Lone Star Chapter

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