Sierra Celebration! New Moon and a Starry Sky

Thanks, John!

About 30 members of the Sierra Club from all over the State met at Canyon of the Eagles, the LCRA campground at Lake Buchanan in Central Texas last weekend.  The annual Chapter camp out, organized this year by John Rath, included families, singles and couples from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, San Antonio, Houston, Wimberly,  Austin, Plano as well as other cities.  The event included hikes, fishing, star gazing, kayaking and swimming. The participants camped on the shores of the lake in spectacularly beautiful weather. 

Children were a large part of this camping experience.  The eight young participants put aside their electronics to particpate actively in all aspects of the camp out. The youngsters climbed trees and roasted marshmellows to make Somores, cooked and ate cactus (nopalitos) while engaging in all of the activities with the other campers. Most of the children, and many of the adults, had never seen the Milky Way lighting up the moonless night sky stretching the entire arc of the sky from one horizon to another.

Russell Seal and I kayaked the six hour round trip to the waterfalls on the Colorado River.  Along the way, we saw many migratory waterfowl.  It was nice to see the lake back up after the 18 month drought.  However, there were still remains of the growth created by the drought in the lake contributing to the large number of wildlife.

Barbara Fowler (74) and Rachel Shao (9) were novice kayakers who improved and developed their paddling skills on the lake this weekend.  Jerry Morrisey drove up from San Antonio to lead a hike on Sunday through some of the LCRA’s maze of well-marked nature trails. While one group hiked, another group took a short kayak trip across the cove.  Carrie Emerson-Price and I watched the sunset on the far side of the lake watching birds fly in to nest for the night.

The weekend was slow-paced and rewarding.  Everyone seemed to have a fun  outdoor experience.

Here’s the slideshow Jerome Collins and I made!

Karen Dalglish Seal,
San Antonio, Texas

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