The Living Waters of Texas at Texas Book Festival this Weekend

The annual Texas Book Festival will be held at the State Capitol this weekend on Saturday, October 16 and Sunday, October 17.

Two sessions at the Festival are featuring books with environmental connections — including The Living Waters of Texas edited by Sierra Club’s Lone Star Chapter Director Ken Kramer.

On Saturday at 10 AM in Room E2.010 of the Capitol Extension, landscape photographer Charles Kruvand will lead a session on the new book The Living Waters of Texas, the  book of essays by noted Texas environmental advocates and conservationists, edited by Kramer and featuring beautiful photographs of Texas water features by Kruvand. The book is published by Texas A&M University Press and is part of a series of books sponsored by the River Systems Institute at Texas State University. Several of the essay authors will be at the Saturday session, which will be followed by a book signing at 11 AM. Many of the authors have been associated directly or indirectly with the decade long Texas Living Waters Project, a joint public education and policy project on water in which the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club has partnered with the National Wildlife Federation, Environmental Defense Fund, and others.

On Sunday at 11 AM in the Lone Star Tent, David Todd will moderate a discussion among several Texas conservationists about the new book by David and his associate David Weisman called The Texas Legacy Project: Stories of Courage and Conservation.  The Texas Legacy Project is an activity of the Conservation History Association of Texas, which has been working for the past 12 years to conduct hundreds of interviews with people all over the state of Texas who have been involved in the effort to preserve the natural heritage of Texas.  Among those people are Sierra Club heroes Pat Suter of Corpus Christi and Brandt Mannchen of Houston, and excerpts from their interviews are included in the book. This book is also published by Texas A&M University Press and is a companion to the interactive website

If you’re going to the Book Festival this weekend, stop by these sessions and enjoy visiting with your fellow conservationists!

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