People vs. Pet Coke: Las Brisas Action Alert


This week, Las Brisas goes to trial.  Whether the results of the trial will matter to the TCEQ commissioners, however, we’re not so sure… Check out this video of the commissioners committing to fast-tracking the permit.

So this week, we’re going to continue to appeal to the EPA’s Enforcement offices (Ms. Gina McCarthy).  Last time, we made over 200 points of contact- phone calls, emails, and petition signatures.

This is an important office to pressure- after all, we’re asking them to enforce the law.

Email, and, as always, be polite!

Here are some key points to make:

-Chairman Shaw of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has publicly stated that he’s committed to helping industry avoid regulations that go into effect next year by working hard to grant Las Brisas its permit before the end of the year.

-For too long, EPA has allowed the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to avoid implementing the Clean Air Act in Texas.  The citizens of the rest of the nation are guaranteed these minimum health safety standards, and we cannot continue to let Texas avoid them.

-The time is now.  TCEQ is working to fast track permit applications.  Please don’t let them ruin my health, and Texas’s air quality for 40 or 50 years to come.  Instead, step in and make them follow the law now.

Let’s track our progress- after you email Ms. McCarthy, shoot me ( an email letting me know that you reached out to them.

Happy writing! And I’m always available for questions/concerns.
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