Yes! Texas Judges We Love You!

Corpus Christi from above
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Today Texas State Administrative Law Judges have announced their Proposal for Decision recommending to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) that the agency should deny an air pollution permit for Las Brisas LLC coke-fired power plant.  This is the second time the Judges in the Las Brisas case have made a recommendation to deny the Las Brisas permit.  The recommendation rejects Las Brisas’ planned high levels of particulate matter pollution.  Particulate matter pollution causes asthma and other respiratory diseases, and can lead to heart disease.

We are delighted with today’s Judges’ recommendation and we call on the TCEQ Commissioners to recognize the illegality of the Las Brisas permit application.  We are asking the three Commissioners – Chairman Bryan Shaw and Commissioners Buddy Garcia and Carlos Rubinstein to follow the wisdom in this thoroughly considered conclusion — Las Brisas LLC proposed to emit more pollution than would meet health-based Clean Air Act standards.   The Perry Administration and its appointed Commissioners must follow the law and confirm the Judge’s repeat recommendations to deny this permit application.

Corpus Christi and surrounding Coastal Bend communities already suffer asthma rates higher than the state average.  If built, Las Brisas would have emitted more pollution than all of the existing refineries combined.

Thanks for your wisdom, Texas Administrative Law Judges!  We love you.

Eva Hernandez, Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign in Texas

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One response to “Yes! Texas Judges We Love You!

  1. Wow! Fantastic news! Thanks to Sierra Club, Clean Coal Coalition, and everyone else who has worked hard to educate the public about the dangers of Las Brisas.

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