Its Happening at the Capitol on Wednesday

Ready to protect this?

“We like clean air and water!”

And this?…

“Pecan Trees don’t like sulfur dioxide!”

This fall, 1,000 Texans met in Town Halls to speak your concerns about the Texas Rail Road Commission and the TCEQ.  The process reaches a high point this  Wednesday, December 15 as people travel from all areas of the state to tell your stories and make recommendations  at the Sunset Commission public hearing at the Capitol.

Come make your voice heard this Wednesday!

Here are the Recommendations from the Alliance for a Clean Texas.

Most of all, tell your own story.

The day starts at 9:00 am in Room E1.036 with TxDOT.  Then Rail Road Commission.  Then, TCEQ will probably begin after lunch.

Click here for maps of the Capitol complex.

When you arrive at the Capitol —
9am – Sign in to Speak – Room E1.036
9am- Breakfast in the Member’s Lounge – Room E2.1002
10am- Alliance for a Clean Texas (ACT) Group Photo in the Rotunda
10:30am- ACT Press conference, location is 2W6, the Speaker’s Committee Room just outside the House Chamber.
Noon- Work on your testimony or write Letters to the Editors – Room E2.1002

We anticipate the TCEQ will be up for review and your comments after lunch.

Thanks for making your plans to come to the Sunset Public Hearing and tell about your experience with the Rail Road Commission or TCEQ .

Here’s for a pollution-free Texas!

Donna Hoffman

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