Solar on the Rise in Central Texas!

Saturday, I spoke with Angelos Angelou.  Angelos provides economic consulting for two solar development companies in Central Texas.

  • RRE Austin Solar is currently building in Pflugerville the largest solar power array in the nation.  The company has a goal of building 500 megawatts (MW) in the United States in the next 12 months.
  • Fotowatio a Spanish company with one-third ownership by GE has a goal of 1,000 MW in 2011.

Angelos gave me a snapshot of the 300 MW solar power planned and under construction in Central Texas and San Antonio right now.  We’re a growing hot spot!

  • 100 MW in San Antonio
  • 60 MW by RRE Austin Solar in Plugerville
  • 30 MW by Fotowatio in Webberville
  • 30 MW by International Power in San Marcos
  • 10 MW by Toshiba in Bastrop

Large solar array on top of Pearl Brewery in downtown San Antonio

These numbers don’t include the growing star of solar arrays already soaking in the sun on Texas rooftops across the state!

Harvey Hayek, one of the farmers who founded the Texas Pecan Alliance pointed me to Pflugerville’s new solar power array.  Harvey wants cleaner air for his family and neighbors.  He can see a solar farm rising in place of LCRA and Austin’s coal plant near his farm in Fayette County.

This is our future.  And it is now!

Governor Perry and the leaders of this state can move forward with the future and stop fighting greenhouse gas regulation.

Donna Hoffman, Communications Coordinator, Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club

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5 responses to “Solar on the Rise in Central Texas!

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  2. Great post, this certainly isn’t the first time that I have read something about the growing number or solar panels being installed around Texas. The building construction for projects of this magnitude probably take a long time, but the end result is definitely worth it. Texas seems to be a huge innovator in terms of employing green building practices, and advocating sustainable living. I enjoy staying up-to-date on the energy saving practices of states like Texas, which is why I spend a lot of time on McGraw Hill’s Texas Construction site. It has a ton of valuable resources to find articles and posts like this one. While I occasionally do some work for McGraw Hill, they have been a favorite construction website of mine for quite some time now. If you are like me and like to stay current on topics like this, check out their website.

  3. Are any of the projects above you listed actually being built? I believe the only legitimate large-scale solar project in Texas is in San Antonio (Blue Wing). The others seem like they are just announcements or photo-ops of dirt moving, without any solar modules actually being installed.

  4. Yes and no. Blue Wing is up and running and the San Marcos and Plugerville plants are still in the beginning stages — turning dirt, etc. But it is still important because the investors, contracts and inteconnection agreements are in place. In addition, a Houston-based company called Ignite Solar is about to open the largest solar on school project in Texas at the Pasadena ISD. Grand opening is February 15th. The same company recently won a bid with CPS Energy to do a large-scale solar on roof tracking facility, and sell the power back to CPS Energy. Things are moving forward folks!

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