The Dallas showdown, by the numbers

Polluters, be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

With about 10 days of notice, Texans came together to organize a very successful EPA hearing. Over 120 people were in attendance, 67 people gave testimony, and only two to five people gave testimony against regulation of GHG’s (BOO! HISS!). People came in from all across the state to fight Governor Perry’s TCEQ and to fight coal plants in Texas.

* Over 120 people were in attendance.
* Over 2000 online comments already generated in Texas
* Phone bank was awesome– volunteers culled 65 yes’es and maybe’
* Online organizing – 49 people RSVP’d online, 7 people signed up for the phone bank, and over 150 people committed to helping to spread the word
* State Representative Lon Burnam came and testified at the hearing as well.
* Sierra Club led the drive, and pulled together many environmental and environmental justice organizations including TEJAS, William C. Velasquez Institute, Downwinders at Risk, Environment Texas, Texas Campaign for the environment, Texas Impact, Alliance for Clean Texas, GreenPeace, Clean Economy Coalition, No Coal Coalition, Public Citizen, and others.

That’s how it went! Greenhouse gases WILL be regulated in Texas, and we WILL stop dangerous pollution and climate change. And that’s the word.

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