Dewhurst going green?

Somebody’s running for Senate, and polishing up their “environmental” credentials while we’re at it. Hey, we don’t turn away any new converts to the cause of the Earth…as long as it’s real. Check out the statement from his office:

Lt. Governor Dewhurst is interested in gradually increasing the use of cleaner-burning, Texas natural gas through market-based incentives, so we can continue to improve air quality, create more Texas jobs, increase our energy independence and provide for the future energy needs of our growing population.  Contrary to recent news reports, Lt. Governor Dewhurst is not advocating for closing down coal plants overnight. In order to meet our current energy demands and fuel our economy, Texas will continue to rely on the use of coal, wind, and nuclear and solar power, in addition to natural gas, as part of our diversified energy portfolio.

Read the rest of the article here.

So, should we believe him? Should we not believe him? Do we want to pretend to believe him, and keep him accountable for the things he says anyways? Jury’s out, folks.

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