Valley Needs More Green Space

Rio Grande Valley Sunrise

Image by Lomo-Cam via Flickr

The Lower Rio Grande Valley Sierrans are talking about a study by Dr. J. Andrew McDonald, a UT Pan Am biologist.  Dr. McDonald compares the following metro areas green space dedicated for conservation and recreation and he found that:

Austin dedicates 10%

San Antonio dedicates 5%

And the Valley has only one-hundredth of one percent!

Here’s what Mark Peña, of the Lower Rio Grande Valley Sierra Club and Regional Coordinator of the Sierra Club Cool Cities campaign says:

Mr. McDonald’s findings shed a clear light on the desperate condition of the Valley’s natural environment.  They reveal the necessity to preserve and restore the native landscape that remains and the overwhelming need to acquire additional green spaces for our communities.  Quality of life, sustainability, and the overall health and economic success of our region will ultimately depend on the willingness of local governments to address this critical issue.

Do you live in the Valley?  Why not pick up the phone today and let your local elected official know about the McDonald study?  Ask her or him to investigate areas that can be conserved for green space and recreational activities.

Donna Hoffman, Communications Coordinator, Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club

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