Austin City Council finally… officially.. adopts Austin Clean Energy Plan

After development of an affordability matrix this year, and after approval by the Electric Utility Commission, the Resource Management Committee, the Generation Task Force, and anyone else that mattered in 2010, and after initially approving it in April of 2010 — but requiring an affordability matrix — City Council finally took action.  The Lone Star Chapter and Austin Group of the Sierra Club commend the  Austin City Council  for finally — on a 7-0 — approving the Austin Energy Climate Protection and Generation Resource Plan for 2020 last week, which sets a goal of 35 percent renewable energy and 800 MWs of energy demand reduction through energy efficiency by 2020. The plan also commits Austin Energy to conducting several additional studies to look at developing further plans for energy efficiency, the development of onsite renewables and a specific look at how to get out of our addiction to coal at the Fayette Power Plant by 2020. Stay tuned as we pressure Austin Energy and City Council to also honor these committments.

And as the first step in the Clean Energy Plan, Austin Energy put out an RFP last week for 200 MWs of wind and/or solar to companies. A bunch of companies are already scrambling to put an RFP out there to Austin Energy. Most likely it will be wind from West Texas, but stay tuned..

Cyrus Reed, Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter

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