Clean Energy Coming to Texas

Tuesday morning, the Public Utilities Commission of Texas listened to public comment regarding Project #35792, a.k.a. the “non-wind renewable energy rule.”

Cyrus Reed, Conservation Director of the Sierra Club, and I gave separate comments after a rousing declaration of support for “poor” Texans by a local nuclear energy advocate. I was most intrigued by the gentleman’s matrix for explaining how nuclear was the most affordable and accessible energy source available to these “poor” Texans, while solar, specifically, provided an overwhelming financial burden and is simply unaffordable to most Texans.

Take a moment to vent, laugh, and curse under your breath…

In the comments I submitted on behalf of the Texas Apollo Alliance, we make it clear that by simplifying the registration process for distributed on-site energy generation, by strengthening Texas’ Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to include more MWs produced by non-wind sources, and by implementing these modifications by 2015, ALL Texans will benefit.

Stronger standards will directly lead to more investment in the solar, geothermal, and biomass sectors. If we, as advocates for the people, collectively continue to advocate for strong renewable energy standards, and advocate for low-interest loans with on-bill financing, we can help make clean energy affordable to thousands of Texans, poor and wealthy alike.

Which leads me to the sexiest thing about stronger non-wind renewable energy goals: Jobs.

Investment in clean energy markets = jobs. There is no doubt about that. A 2009 report by Blue-Green Alliance estimated that a 20 percent renewables target by 2020 would generate over 60,000 jobs in Texas, including 20,000 in solar development. By taking action, the PUC can spark a renewable energy rush to Texas that will not only help curb our state’s outrageous levels of toxic emissions, but help put our people back to work.

The Texas Apollo Alliance will work aggressively to promote clean energy and safe, good-paying, green-collar jobs for Texans. For more information on our work and our members, head on over to our website.

Dave Cortez
Texas Apollo Alliance
512-736-7600 (cell)
512-477-6195 x21 (office)
512-477-2962 (fax)

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