Solidarity with Wisconsin and Labor

As many of you have seen in the papers and on the news, the rights of our union brothers and sisters are currently under a coordinated assault by GOP Governors and Legislators across the country.

I want y’all to take a moment and reflect on two statements regarding the power, the potential, and the necessity of a strong partnership between organized labor and environmental advocates.

Click on this link to read the first piece by Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, whom many of you are familiar with. “Why should environmentalists care? Martin Luther King, Jr. put it best: ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ If America’s workers lose their voice, then corporate polluters will have won a giant victory and all Americans will end up paying a price,” says Brune.

Click here to read the second piece by Apollo Alliance National Board Member Michael Peck.  “What’s going on in Madison is about respecting the Declaration of Independence principles, the right of free speech, association and assembly, and whether the United States is going to remain a country by and for the people or cede the public square to business and financial oligarchies and the richest twenty percent of our population who hold eighty percent of our national wealth,” wrote Peck.

As environmentalists, we may disagree with our union brothers and sisters time and time again. Union workers often support “clean” coal facilities and nuclear power as mechanisms that provide job security and good wages. Despite these differences we must mobilize as Americans, as defenders of not just public health and the environment, but advocates for the people.

The Texas Apollo Alliance will be working everyday to bridge this gap between “greens” and “blues”, and to promote policies that will ensure our union partners won’t need to rely on “clean” coal and nuclear power for steady employment. I encourage each of you to do the same by reaching out a hand in solidarity with labor unions in your areas and let them know that we stand united in defense of the people.

Dave Cortez, Texas Apollo Alliance


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