Corpus is ready for a Break and Some Good Clean Air

Suzie Canales with Citizens for Environmental Justice in Corpus Christi says, Watch Nightline tonight…

ABC World News will air a story on the dangerous chemical Hydrofluoric Acid (HFC) and, in large part due to all of Suzi’s hard work, her home town Corpus Christi will be featured.

(Corpus Christi, Texas) Recently a producer from ABC World News visited Corpus Christi to work on a story on Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) a severe poison that, under certain circumstances, can form a toxic cloud and travel great distances, possibly killing thousands of people in the process.

Local EJ activist group, Citizens for Environmental Justice (CFEJ) was contacted by ABC News and worked with them on the Corpus Christi aspect of the story.

“We are grateful to ABC News for placing national and global attention on this very serious issue,” said Suzie Canales, CFEJ executive director. “This chemical has the potential to create a Bhopal-like disaster here in Corpus Christi – industry has alternatives to use something else but refuses to.”

The show is scheduled to air today, February 24, 2011 on:

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer (5:30 central); and tonight on Nightline (11:00 p.m. central)

Although the piece is scheduled for the above listed times, there is a potential for it to be postponed in the event of any national or global breaking news.)


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