Protecting What We Love

One of the photos from the exhibit Protecting What We Love, March 14-18 and April 18-22 in the Capitol Extension 2 Hallway

Photo Show & Tell at Texas Capitol opens Tuesday, March 15 at 12 Noon

Its not too late to make plans to travel to Austin for ACT Lobby Day.  You can still register and come!Part of the fun includes an 11:30 AM press event on the south steps of the Capitol building.  Afterwards, join us at 12:00 Noon in the Capitol Extension 2 Hallway for an interesting underground sunrise below the Capitol Cafeteria.  Its the launch of a photo Exhibit

Goliad County Opposes Uranium Mining – another photo from the Protecting What We Love exhibit

we’re hoping will shed light and maybe help make changes.  Protecting What We Love is the story of ACT environmental concerns in a set of photo posters running alongside either side of the hallway in the Capitol Extension 2 level.

So we’re going to exercise our Freedom of Speech in the Capitol hallway this Spring  — from March 14-18 and again April 18-22 with this photo exhibit — Protecting What We Love:  Our Health. Our Water. Our Air.

We surely could use some help to install this photo exhibit on this Sunday afternoon March 13, from 430-630 — Meet at the Sierra Club at 4:15 to load in or in E2 at the Capitol between the Legislative Conference Center and the Open Air Rotunda.  Remember its Spring forward daylight savings time so don’t come an hour late — the fun and delicious exercise of setting it up will be over.  We also need help staffing some tables at the exhibit on Tuesday starting at 8 am on two-hour shifts through the day.    Email with subject line re: Photo Installation volunteer or Photo Tabling Volunteer, if you want to help!  I guarantee it will be interesting!

Here’s the stories the photos will tell.

The show includes the work of some of Texas finest nature photographers — Charles Kruvand, Susan Heller, Adrian Van Dellen, and Deana Newcomb.

Alongside these gorgeous art pieces showing Texas natural resources that we want to protect are the documentary evidence of brave advocates exposing to light the dark side of the dream  — the brave Don Young and Sharon Wilson with their photos of gas fracking and drilling in the Barnet Shale, the champion coal fighter Paul Rolke with his photos from Texas coal country;  and the stalwart friend Hilton Kelley’s poignant images of children living and playing near the toxic fence lines of Port Arthur’s refineries and chemical plants.


Clean Energy Creates Jobs — Solar power image courtesy of Texas Solar Power Company

The solutions are here, too — enlightened and effective water conservation programs, solar panels flowering on rooftops across the state, green buildings for energy efficiency, an electric car and other smart transportation solutions to reduce pollution and clean up Texas.
Take a moment with us during an early lunch hour on ACT Lobby Day, Tuesday March 15.  The press event is on the South Steps at 11:30 AM.  We’ll then proceed inside for the photo opening in Extension 2  at 12:00 Noon.  Its even better than the big tent with barbeque outside.  Come inside and celebrate the launch of Protecting What We Love.   If you feel inspired,pick up some Fact Sheets from ACT inside the Legislative Conference Center next to the Photo Display and  go have a word with your Legislator.

After the Session concludes, the exhibit will be available to tour the state.  Let us know if you want it to show in your town!

For more information on ACT Lobby Day, click here.

~ Donna Hoffman, Communications Coordinator, Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club

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One response to “Protecting What We Love

  1. Dear Donna,
    I would love to help to arrange an exhibit of “protecting what we love” here in San Antonio. Am thinking that the Central Library gallery or the gallery at the Bexar County Courthouse would be perfect. Perhaps we can work on this after the session is over.
    I hope I get to see it at the Capitol, but may miss it again. If you do a web version, I will send the links to all of our GEAA members, for sure.

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