Joe Barton Doesn’t Really Like Breathing Dirty Air

Joe Linus Barton, a Representative from Texas

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North Texas Representative Joe Barton is leading an all-out assault on the EPA and the Clean Air Act.  It took $1,507,780 to get him to do that.  In the grand scheme of things, that’s not a whole lot of money to try and sell out an entire nation’s air quality.  He’s obviously confused and I’m thinking, let’s not let him go so astray!

Tomorrow, the Barton-led U.S. House Energy and Power SubCommittee is holding an attack hearing in Houston.  Can you attend and speak in support of the EPA and the Clean Air Act tomorrow in Houston?

HEARING DETAILS — Thursday, March 24, 2011, 9:30 a.m.
Garrett-Townes Auditorium
South Texas College of Law, 1303 San Jacinto Street
Houston, Texas 77002

Here’s what Eva Hernandez, Sierra Club Field Organizing Manager has to say about the situation —
Clean air protections are essential for Texas. Because of coal-fired power plants, oil refineries and other industrial polluters, our state has some of the dirtiest air in the nation.  Texas children, moms and grandparents are bearing the brunt of this toxic air pollution in the form of heart disease, asthma, neurological defects and other serious health problems.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the potential to clean up our air and improve our health by enforcing the landmark Clean Air Act.  Based on EPA data, the Clean Air Act has saved more than 200,000 lives and prevented millions of illnesses over the last 20 years.

EPA clean air protections also have the potential to create much-needed jobs in Texas.  Texas is already a leader in developing renewable energy, such as wind farms in West Texas, and the EPA’s clean air protections offer a greater incentive for investment in our emerging clean energy sector.

Despite these benefits, corporate-backed Texas politicians like Representative Joe Barton are spearheading an all-out assault on EPA and the Clean Air Act.  In addition to cosponsoring legislation by Rep. Fred Upton and climate change-denier Senator James Inhofe to prevent the EPA from regulating toxic emissions, Rep. Barton is also leading a task force to try to stop the EPA’s commonsense permitting process requiring big Texas polluters to install air pollution control technology.

While shocking, this attack on Texans’ health comes as no surprise.  Rep. Barton has received more than $1,507,780 in campaign contributions from the oil and coal industries.  Big Oil and Big Coal value their bottom line over the health of our families and our future.  These corporate polluters make huge profits dirtying our air and water, and now they’re using those profits to buy influence with members of Congress who are willing to undermine our nation’s fundamental health and environmental laws.

Out-of-touch politicians like Rep. Barton need to step aside and let the EPA do its job. Texans need bold leadership to stimulate our economy with clean energy and protect our health from toxic air pollution.
The Sierra Club is mobilizing its 1.4 million members and supporters nationwide to support the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to protect our health and our environment. More information is available at

Posted by Donna Hoffman, Communications Coordinator, Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club

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One response to “Joe Barton Doesn’t Really Like Breathing Dirty Air

  1. Danny Kilpatrick Sr

    Joe Barton is a good example of elected representative selling out the safety of the people for money., this man has been on the take for many years,

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