Phase Out Fayette Update

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A group of concerned Austinites have been meeting weekly to discuss and plan a way to move Austin’s energy out of the Fayette coal plant.  Our first mission is to get City Council to complete three studies by 2012 that they committed to in the Austin Generation Plan.  These studies are supposed to look at three aspects of Austin’s energy: accelerating the schedule in phasing out the Fayette coal plant, increasing the efficiency goal, and setting a goal for onsite, distributed renewable energy.  Basically, it’s the first step in getting the ball rolling so that we can ultimately begin the process of phasing out of Fayette.

Right now, we are asking organizations, businesses, and people to get on board with us, in various ways, in order to show our City Council members that we care about the implementation of the Austin Generation Plan.

If you would like to join us, the Phase out Fayette team meets every Tuesday from 6 to 7pm!

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