Oyster: Could I have some water with that salt?

That’s the question that Texas oyster and shrimp families are going to be asking if the three Commissioners of the TCEQ vote for a proposed environmental flows rule on Wednesday that leaves Texas bays and estuaries short of the fresh water they need to keep the mix just right.  This rule is focused on the Sabine and Neches River flows into Sabine Bay and the Trinity and San Jacinto flows into Galveston Bays.  If passed it could threaten the rich marine biosphere and the seafood and recreational industries that depend upon our Texas coastal bays and estuaries. If passed this rule would set a terrible precedent for the remainder of Texas bays and estuaries which will also undergo this rule-making process.  Read more and take action by clicking here — Tell Governor Perry and the three Commissioners of the TCEQ to pass a stronger rule that truly protects Texas coastal communities and wildlife!

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