Thank you – Mayor Parker for a taking action on White Stallion

Yesterday Sierra Club members lined up at the Houston city council meeting to thank Mayor Parker for her leadership by writing a letter requesting an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed White Stallion coal plant.

If built – White Stallion would emit tons of toxic pollutants including greenhouse gases, ozone forming pollutants, mercury, lead, and more.  This would have a major impact on the Houston-Galveston area.  Below is a blog post talking more about the issue from Matt Tejada with Air Alliance Houston.

To read Mayor Parker’s letter – click here.

From Matthew Tejada, Ph. D – April 19th, 2011

Environmentalists across Texas would like to express our gratitude to Houston Mayor Annise Parker for joining forces with the Environmental Protection Agency, Texas Parks & Wildlife, the Bay City Port Authority, and other concerned agencies and local citizens in asking the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to do the right thing: Require an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the proposed White Stallion coal plant.

In a letter dated April 18, 2011, Mayor Parker asked for an EIS, expressing concern to the Corps that White Stallion’s proximity to the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria ozone non-attainment region would “put my city at greater risk for additional bad air days and put at risk the investment made by industries within this area to clean up our air.”

Mayor Parker also wrote: “Houston’s industries have put time and money into reducing our pollution. Allowing such a large new source of nitrogen oxide (which is a key component of ozone), mercury, dioxin, sulfur dioxide, and lead from White Stallion to be emitted so closely to this area should be examined through the EIS process.”

A similar request in the form of a resolution was put before Harris County Commissioners Court by County Attorney Vince Ryan this morning. The resolution was unfortunately tabled, but will hopefully be reconsidered and passed at the Commissioners Court agenda in two weeks.

Last month Texas environmentalists respectfully urged the Mayor and City Council in a Houston Chronicle editorial to help persuade the Corps to call for an EIS “as decisions made today could have a profound impact on lives tomorrow.” We truly appreciate Mayor Parker’s thoughtful attention to this matter, and sincerely hope that the Corps now heeds the collective call for a White Stallion Environmental Impact Statement.

–Posted by Eva Hernandez, Sierra Club

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