Caller-Times Re-Endorses Leal based on her Las Brisas position

The Corpus Christi Caller Times has re-endorsed Priscilla Leal for City Council District 3, based largely on how she came to decide on her opposition to Las Brisas. Read the whole article here.

“We especially respect the way she arrived at a position opposed to ours — her opposition to the proposed petroleum coke-fueled Las Brisas Energy Center.

We welcomed the prospect of a $3 billion investment and new jobs, and agreed with the council consensus that if Las Brisas posed too much of an environmental hazard, state and federal regulators wouldn’t allow it.

A visit to a coal-fired plant in Louisiana solidified Leal’s opposing view. The plant looked clean and well-tended, but when she took her hand off a stair rail, her palm was covered with soot. She noticed that the plant was sparsely staffed during a day shift — where were the jobs? She talked to residents at a nearby fast-food restaurant, who told her the company regularly and voluntarily power-washed their vehicles and houses — a nice gesture but what were the people breathing?

Having heard the glib arguments of the medical and business professionals on opposite sides of the Las Brisas issue, Leal trusted regular folks with firsthand knowledge — people like her constituents in District 3.”

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