Stop the Plastics

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Don’t Limit Local Rule on Plastics

Texas Senate Bill 908 and House Bill 1913 aims to increase plastic bag recycling while taking away local cities rights. Thinking the recycling can solve the issues with plastic grocery bags is a myth. Recycling has its place – however, it’s not the solution to the plastic bag problem.

Various sources estimate that the recycling rate is somewhere between 1% on the low end and 9% on the high end. Either way, it’s quite low. “In addition, economics of recycling plastic bags are not appealing. From the process of sorting, to the contamination of inks and the overall low quality of the plastic used in plastics bags…it costs $4,000 to process and recycle 1 ton of plastic bags, which can then be sold on the commodities market for $32 Furthermore many bags collected for recycling never get recycled. A growing trend is to ship them to countries like India and China, which are rapidly becoming the dumping grounds for the Western world’s glut of recyclables. Rather than being recycled they are cheaply incinerated under more lax environmental laws. Even if recycling rates of plastic bags increase dramatically, it doesn’t solve other significant problems, such as the use of non-renewable resources and toxic chemicals in their original production…What to do? Choose to reuse!”

The most disturbing aspect is the impact on cities rights to enact local ordinances. “State Sen. Kel Seliger was the lone ‘no’ vote on the Natural Resources committee. The conservative Republican Senator from Amarillo … says that he opposes the bill because it handcuffs local governments. “My objection to the bill, it pre-empts cities from passing ordinances, should they decide, for whatever reason, that it’s something that’s good for the city, for livability, for waste, or something like that,” Seliger told the Rio Grande Guardian.

Please send a letter Today! Tell your legislators not to limit local control!

Click here to find out who represents you.


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