Bike to Work!

Tune up your bike and break out of the commute routine: May 16-20 is
National Bike to Work Week! If you can’t commit to the week, National
Bike to Work Day is Friday May 20th. 

All across Texas, cities and local organizations are sponsoring events. Find your city on the list below, or create your own event! 

Biking to work saves on gas, reduces our dependence on oil, and
reduces emissions. Besides being good for the environment, it’s good
for you! You don’t have to take our word for it: the Federal Highway
Administration has compiled research on the environmental and health
benefits of walking and biking:

Nervous about leaving the car behind? The League of American
Bicyclists has put together a guide to help folks get started:
If your way to work would be a challenge on two wheels, look for
alternate routes or combine biking with riding the bus (or other
transit if it’s available where you live).

Here are some major events. Check with your local bike shops
or bike advocacy groups to see what’s going on in your area.

Austin is celebrating Bike Month for all of May. National Bike to Work
Day on Friday, May 20 features several free breakfast stations around
the city.
Austin’s city bike site:
Route Maps and other information

Houston also has a special event on Friday May 20. BikeHouston is
working with the City of Houston to implement multiple bike rides that
begin at various neighborhood bike shops and converge upon City Hall
simultaneously at 8:00 AM.  Participants will include bicycling
advocates, customers and team members of Bicycle retailers, as well as
corporations and City Officials. More information here:

Dallas/Fort Worth
There are many opportunities all week long. Start out on Sunday May 15
with a traffic safety course.
DART offer 10 Steps to Riding Your Bike to Work here: has more information.

San Antonio
Walk and Roll San Antonio is hosting an active transportation
celebration on Friday May 20 at 8 AM at Main Plaza. Walk, bike, or
bus.  Sponsored by the San Antonio-Bexar County Metropolitan Planning
Organization. VIA is offering free transit rides to all cyclists on
Friday May 20th.

~ Kari Banta, Sierra Club Transportation Specialist, May 7, 2011


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