Leave the driving to…

Northbound Amtrak Auto-Train

Image by John H Gray via Flickr


National Train Day is this Saturday, May 7!

Why should we celebrate trains in Texas?

    • It’s the best way to get on track to move us beyond oil!
    • Trains run cleaner and take trucks and cars off the road.
    • Rail is all over Texas, not just in the big cities.
    • Did you know Texas has more total freight rail miles than anywhere
      else in the country?
    • We are also tops in rail employment–because we
      are in the top ten for freight volume for the ten biggest freight
    • Freight trains are cleaner than diesel trucks — The EPA limits freight rail to just one-tenth of the carbon monoxide emissions that it allows for moving freight by diesel truck. We’re talking 1.5 grams of carbon monoxide per horsepower hour for trains versus 15.5 grams of carbon monoxide per horsepower hour for heavy diesel trucks.
    • Need another reason? The Amtrak Heartland Flyer Route between Fort
      Worth and Oklahoma City diverted 39,000 vehicle-trips in 2009,
      resulting in an estimated reduction of 7.9 million vehicle miles
      traveled (VMT) on corridor roadways.

    There are events Saturday truly all over the state!  In Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Jefferson, Longview, Marshall, Mineola, San Antonio, Smithville and Temple!  — We love pointing people to Mineola!

Check here for more details: http://www.nationaltrainday.com/events/other/?st=TX

Unfortunately we’re not as lucky as New York City: they get a Gladys Knight concert. But that’s another motivation to get more trains in

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