Bike to Work Today!

People across Texas are biking to work this morning and you can, too!

Today, Friday, May 20, is the last day of Bike to Work Week.  End the week on a high note! Imagine the feeling of heading home for
the weekend with the wind in your hair as you breeze by congested
traffic… ah!

For those of you who have been biking to work all week, kudos! For
those who have yet to try it, today is the perfect day.

Austin has 37 locations across the city offering free food to cycling
commuters both on the way to work and on the way home.
Here’s a map of all the locations:

Houston has two events:
Local bicycle shops are hosting bike rides from their businesses,
converging upon City Hall simultaneously at 8:00 AM to promote healthy
lifestyles and promote the continued use of bikeways beyond
recreational purposes.

From 11am-1pm at the John P. McGovern Commons, Texas Medical Center is
celebrating its status as the workplace with the most cycling
commuters in all of Houston.

Even if there are no events near you, biking to work any day or like many people do, everyday is a great thing to do. Give it a try!

Kari Banta, Sierra Club Transportation Specialist

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