Oil and Gas Cry Baby Bill

SB 1134 is scheduled for debate on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives tomorrow, Saturday, May 21.  This bill would severely restrict the TCEQ’s ability to regulate harmful emissions from oil and gas production activity and would place unnecessary obstacles to protection of public health in shale regions with rapidly expanding emissions sources.  
Many groups and individuals living near oil and gas facilities oppose this bill because it would delay rule-making for gas drilling areas besides the Barnett Shale where the rule is already established.   
The EPA has just written a letter suggesting if the House and Senate pass this bill it would impact the State Implementation Plan for ozone pollution and the delegation of air-permitting at TCEQ.. 
Cyrus Reed said, “I like to call this bill the oil and gas Cry Baby Bill.  Instead of going through the normal rule-making process, they’ve come to the Legislature to ask for a special favor — a two-year time out on new rules that would protect Texans air near the oil and gas facilities.”
Here is Cyrus’ one page fact sheet.
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~ Donna Hoffman

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