Stop Global Warming by bonking this bad bill

Lize Burr with the Alliance for a Clean Texas described the Legislature at present as being like one of those games at the carnival where you have to bonk random and fast-moving pop ups with your hammer.  That’s why you’re hearing so many requests from Sierra Club and our partner groups on this, the last week of the Session.   

We know you care about yours, your family’s, and your friends’ health and you care about stopping the causes of global warming.  That’s why we’re asking you today to please call your Texas State Representative and ask them to vote No, against SB 875.  This bad bill would protect industrial polluters facing legal challenges because they want to emit global warming gases, such as carbon dioxide from coal plants or methane from rapidly expanding natural gas drilling and ‘fracking’ in our state.  We don’t think they should get a free pass to pollute Texas’ air.

You can find your legislators’ name and phone number by typing your address in this form on Texas Legislature Online.   

Help stop global warming pollution in Texas and protect our air and our health by bonking this bad bill that’s popping up tomorrow – Tuesday, May 24.  Call your Texas House Representative today, Monday, May 23.  Ask your Representative to vote No, against SB 875.  Thank you!

Want more background information?  Find it here, on the website of the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club,

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Donna Hoffman


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