SA2020 & CPS Plan For Clean Energy Future

San Antonio 2020
The New Energy Economy is an innovative new concept using cleaner energy resources and energy efficiency technologies to create economic opportunity in San Antonio.   Mayor Julian Castro and Doyle Beneby, CEO of CPS announced plans for bringing clean energy to San Antonio.  This occurred after years of debates between the Sierra Club and CPS–a battle that included lawsuits and compromises.  It was an amazing end to a new beginning for San Antonio.

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Mayor Julian Castro recommends a link.

At an event this afternoon at UT-San Antonio, Mayor Julian Castro announced a suite of green energy projects that he said would position San Antonio as the nation’s leader in sustainable energy.

We are living in exciting times, my friends, but we must remember to stay diligent.  Given the opportunity, the “powers that be”  will take the path of least resistance.  Our job is to help them stay on the right path by being involved.  We are an integral part of the process.  Our job has just begun.
Karen Seal, Alamo Sierra Club
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