Lone Star News Roundup

It was a big week in Texas for stopping coal plants.
I called it dreamy and Lanny Sinkin of Solar San Antonio said that hearing CPS CEO Doyle Beneby announce the closing of Deely coal plant and reading the list of 4 new clean energy employers moving to San Antonio was ‘chicken skin!’ He explained — its a Hawaiian expression meaning goosebumps good!  Congratulations to Alamo Sierra Club, SEED Coalition, Public Citizen, Energia Mia, and the Jefferson Heights Association for moving us forward!
We also got a delay on the White Stallion water demand!  Ready to visit your friendly LCRA board member?  Please call or email Lydia.Avila@SierraClub.org, 512-477-1729.
A little lizard stepped up to survive by slowing down drilling in the Permian Basin.
Scott Nicol from the Lower Rio Grande Valley group and the Borderlands Team unveiled  the border wall is still there causing problems for people and the environment while some in Congress are confused and would make it worse.  The National Borderlands Team could use your help!  Calendar their Aug 18-20 meeting and email Scott Nicol annikadel@hotmail.com for more info.
Have fun and let’s keep making Texas a great place to live!  Donna
PS  See your stories below. And send me any I missed.  Thank you!
Great AP story by Ramit Plushnick-Masti about San Antonio closing one of its two dirty coal plants features a quote by Eva Hernandez.  It ran on almost 100 online sources.  Way to go Alamo Group of the Sierra Club!

Green companies will bring jobs to SA  San Antonio ExpressTracy Idell Hamilton 2 days ago





The crowd included members of San Antonio’s business, environmental and academic Loretta Von Coppenolle of the Alamo chapter of the Sierra Club said she

San Antonio to Shutter Coal Plant KUT News




San Antonio switching from coal to solar; what is Tucson waiting for?  Tucson Citizen 2 days ago



San Antonio, the 7th largest city in the nation, is celebrating the first step forward In advance of today’s expected announcement, the Sierra Club,

Water Deal for Texas Coal Plant Postponed

Texas TribuneKate Galbraith Jun 15, 2011


A report released on Monday by the Sierra Club found that a water contract of the size of White Stallion “would affect water storage in Lakes Buchanan and

LCRA delays water for coal plant decision until August Austin American


Little lizard could cause big disruptions for Texas drillers

Fort Worth Star TelegramAnna M. Tinsley 5 days ago

“I think the current federal proposal is based on a number of years of examining the status of the lizard,” said Ken Kramer, director of the Lone Star


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