What the Frack?: Hydraulic Fracturing 101

Remember reading about the new fracking disclosure bill that was signed or have heard about it, but don’t quite understand what fracking is? Here is a quick and easy visual explanation of the fracking process and how it affects us and our environment.

Fracking is another name for hydraulic fracturing, which is the process of extracting natural gas from the ground. What’s so bad about that? Natural gas is green, right? Well, yes and no. While natural gas may burn slightly cleaner than coal, the extraction process is just as, if not more, harmful to human and environmental health as the extraction and burning of coal.

Why is natural gas extraction so harmful, you ask? Does your tap water do this?

The flaming water is a result of gases and fracking fluids seeping into the water shelf during the process of extracting the natural gas from underground, effectively making its way into the local water systems.

So how does the gas get into the water? Good question.

Source: checksandbalancesproject.org

Beside water being flammable, there are multiple health effects caused by the gases chemicals from the fracking fluids. Theses chemicals and gases are causing  ADHD, autism, diabetes, obesity, early testicular cancer, endometriosis, to name a few.

So, how does this new legislation forcing the gas companies to disclose chemicals contained in the fracking fluids have in impact? For years now, these companies have been able to deny that there are any chemicals that would be harmful to those living in close proximity to the drilling sites. Now that these chemicals are to be exposed, it will be much harder to deny that all of the aforementioned health issues were not a direct result of their extraction practices.

For more in-depth and explicit information about the impact of fracking:

-Jessica Olson, Sierra Club Beyond Coal/ Communications Intern

2 responses to “What the Frack?: Hydraulic Fracturing 101

  1. donnalhoffman

    Here’s a frack back breakdown with a great beat — another explanation of the serious problems with gas fracking.

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