Texas Electric Vehicle Round Up (Plug-In Edition)

Yesterday, the Sierra Club issued a Statement of Support for Efforts to Advance Plug-In Electric Vehicles in the US. More than 180 local and national companies and organizations joined together to show their support for plug-in electric vehicle (EV) policies and infrastructure –demonstrating the groundswell of support in all regions of the country for EV innovation and the types of policies needed to make it successful.

So what plug-in EV resources are available in Texas?

There are at least 87 plug-in EV charging stations in Texas right now. Want to find the ones closest to you? The US Department of Energy maintains a website dedicated to helping plug-in EV drivers locate public charging stations.

Since plug-in EVs are designed primarily for commuting, it’s no surprise that the major cities are in the lead for EV charging stations: Houston (27 stations), the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (18 stations), and Austin (13 stations). San Antonio has eight stations, though EV ownership is still exotic enough to make the news.

Ready to dump the pump and plug in? In addition to the federal tax credit, you may qualify for a rebate on your plug-in EV purchase. Austin has programs for both purchasing the vehicle and installing your Level 2 home charging station. San Antonio has rebates for the first fifty people who install chargers. Check with your city or local energy utility to see what is available in your area.

Does anyone have first hand experience of owning and driving a plug-in EV in Texas? I’d love to hear about it!

–Kari Banta


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