Senator Lucio: I plan to see the border wall torn down in my lifetime

 Steve Taylor with the Rio Grande Guardian interviewed Sierra Club’s friend, Texas State Senator Eddie Lucio this week after a town hall meeting the Senator held on the impacts of the border wall.  From Taylor’s article —

“I was born and reared here and I have never seen anything like this monstrosity,” Lucio said, referring to the border wall. “In my lifetime I want to see the border wall come down, just like I saw the Berlin Wall come down. Even if I am 85 or 90 years old, I want to be there when the wall comes down.”

Lucio said he also wants to see, in his lifetime, the appropriate level of compensation paid to those whose homes and land have been disfigured by the border wall. “We give big corporations on Wall Street billions of dollars of tax relief. Why can’t we give the little people, people I consider great Americans and great Texans, some relief? We should not turn our backs on those in need,” he said.

Scott Nicol co-founder of the No Border Wall Coalition was one of several speakers at the Town Hall meeting.  Nicol is an active member of the Lower Rio Grande Valley Sierra Club and a coordinator for Sierra Club’s National Borderlands Team.

Read the whole article here.

Posted by Donna Hoffman, September 18, 2011

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