Austin City Facilities now 100% GreenChoice

Austin, TX – Today, the City of Austin, Texas, announced that starting October 1st, it will meet its 400 million kilowatt hours of electricity needs wholly from in-state generated wind energy. The energy will be provided by a wind farm in west Texas and will power all libraries, fire stations, recreational centers and police stations. Austin has set a goal of buying 35% of its total energy from clean sources by 2020.


“I applaud Mayor Leffingwell’s announcement,” said Mary Anne Hitt, Director of the Beyond Coal Campaign. “Austin now leads the country in powering its public buildings with clean, safe, renewable energy. This is the standard that other cities across the country must measure up to. The decision to power Austin’s public buildings with 100% clean energy is a strong first step towards a secure energy future for the city. However, we urge Austin to go one step further and phase out the Fayette Coal Plant, which powers many of Austin’s homes and businesses. This plant burns huge quantities of coal, producing toxic emissions like mercury, which endangers the health of women and children. In addition to this trailblazing announcement, Austin can cement its place as a clean energy leader by moving, not just its public buildings, but all of Austin Beyond Coal.”


4 responses to “Austin City Facilities now 100% GreenChoice

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  4. Annmarie Matarese

    we must focus more on alternative energy since it is renewable and far less polluting. ,,`..

    My current web blog

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