Travis County opposes White Stallion coal plant

On August 9th, the Travis County Commissioners Court unanimously passed a resolution in opposition to the construction of White Stallion Energy Center, a proposed coal-fired power plant in Matagorda County.

A driving force for the resolution was the fact that White Stallion has been trying to obtain a water contract from the LCRA that would provide them with approximately 8 billion gallons of water every year for the next 40-55 years.  The Travis County Commissioners court cited concerns about adverse health and environmental impacts that would be caused by the plant including several respiratory illnesses and water contamination.  No doubt, the White Stallion coal plant is predicted to cause over 600 premature deaths, thousands of asthma attacks and 93,000 missed work days.

Sierra Club applauds the Court and, in particular, Commissioner Karen Huber for taking leadership on this.   It is also great to see that the resolution makes the case for energy efficiency measures and alternative sources of energy, such as wind and solar, since they require virtually no water, not to mention the fact that they emit no pollution.

One response to “Travis County opposes White Stallion coal plant

  1. We applaud YOU Ms. Lydia! Nice work.

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