Joe ‘McCarthy’ Barton Attacks EPA as Chem Plant Burns out of control in his district

A fire at the Magnablend Chemical Company is burning out of control today near Dallas in Joe Barton’s Congressional District.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 4, Congressman Barton of Ennis is holding an Energy and Environment Subcommittee Hearing: Quality Science for Quality Air.
“A major chemical plant fire near Dallas at the Magnablend Chemical Company demonstrates the critical need for a strong Clean Air Act to protect public health from extraordinarily large volumes of toxic air pollution when accidents like this occur,” stated Dr. Neil Carman, clean air program director for the Sierra Club’s Lone Star Chapter.
“Most industrial accidents such as this one are preventable according to investigations of other chemical plant accidents.  Congressman Joe ‘McCarthy’ Barton of Ennis should not hold hearings to attack the US EPA at a time when the agency provides a critical life-supporting role in the nation and when his own district is on fire with toxic air pollution spewing into the air,” Carman emphasized.

The Magnablend Chemical Co. operates specialty chemical blending services.
For more information, contact Dr. Neil Carman, 512-288-5772


One response to “Joe ‘McCarthy’ Barton Attacks EPA as Chem Plant Burns out of control in his district

  1. Oh you know, wildfires, chemical plant fires, gas drilling every few hundred feet… just the joy of living in DFW. The plant fire going on right now is very bad & I hope they can get it under control soon. I read that they have had to evacuate some nearby schools due to air quality as well. Scary.

    On a related note, do you know they have actually launched broadcast ads in TX promoting the coal industry recently? The ads are trying to push citizens to tell the EPA to back off of Texas because the coal industry keeps people working and we don’t need any more jobs to be lost. Can you believe it? All while we are getting sicker and sicker…

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