Student Environmental Lobby Day

Let’s move past occupying city hall and onto occupying the offices of our represented officials in the name of clean energy!

On Wednesday November 16th, Sierra Club and the Texas Chapter of the Sierra Student Coalition are hosting the Austin Student Environmental Lobby Day, where Students from the Austin area are invited to learn how to lobby our local elected officials and then actually meet and discuss their clean energy priorities with these officials. Students at UT Austin, St. Edwards, Huston-Tillotson, ACC, and Southwestern are invited to join us lobbying our representatives (Register HERE).

The Sierra Club will be organizing students from campuses Austin-wide to meet with local, state, and federal representatives to move Austin beyond coal and towards clean energy.  Student Environmental Lobby Day will be a two day event, with a training session on the night of the 15th from 6:00 to 9:00PM, at the Student Activity Center Ballroom North on UT Campus (Find it HERE).

Student Lobby day will be headquartered at the Legislative Conference Center at the State Capitol Building (Find it HERE)., and starting at 8:30AM with Bagels and Coffee. Students will then break into groups to visit legislators throughout the day.

Finally meet us at Scholz Garten (Find it HERE) for drinks, for those of age, to celebrate and review the successes of the day!


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