Sweetwater City Commissioner’s Meeting

This morning (November 8th) the Sweetwater City Commissioners took public comments on a proposed water contract with the Tenaska Coal Power Plant. The plan by the city commissioners and Mayor Greg Wortham, would contract for Sweetwater’s municipal water at a rate far below what residents pay, according to local Lawyer Lance Hall.

Numerous citizens stood up to speak out against this  proposed plan to sell municipal waste water to the plant. This plan would exempt Tenaska from the city’s drought contingency plan, and provide the plant fresh water when waste-water does not meet amounts required in the contract. Since Tenaska requires up to two million gallons of water a day, it is simply unfair to provide the coal plant all the water, fresh or otherwise, they can use while across town residents taps run dry. The municipal reclaimed water could, under a drought scenario, be used for agricultural irrigation for Nolan county’s 50,000 acre’s of crop land.

Also in attendance were 20 Future Sweetwater teens, watching their future water supply get sold down the river to Tenaska. Shouldn’t the local government be protection judiciously the little water Sweetwater does have so that this future generation will have water resources too? We should be using our precious water resources responsibly not squandering them on inefficient coal power generation.

Citizens want to see Mayor Wortham and the City Commissioners protect Lake Sweetwater, and protect our municipal water for our future needs, not make back room agreements  to sell what little water we do have.

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