Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline Delayed!!! Wow.

US officials representing President Obama and the State Department today heralded the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and a beautiful harvest moon tonight by announcing that they have delayed any decision about the Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline!!!    Wow.

I still have a land line.  I got a phone message today from my wonderful Sierra Club activist friend Sally Osterling in Maryland.  She was ebullient.   And I knew to post here to Thank and Congratulate Sierra Club and our allies!

This is Sally from the Northland.  I could not wait to say this.  You may have heard already.

The pipeline decision has definitely been postponed for further environmental inspection of the whole thing.  It will not happen in the near future. Ha ha!  I’m just so excited!

It was absolutely great on Sunday!  Ha ha!  We could have wrapped around that…ha ha ha… we could have wrapped around at least twice and maybe twice and a half times around the White House. Ha ha ha ha ha!  There were so many of us!  It was just fabulous!  And we felt such synchronicity with the Occupy movement.  That Occupy movement is changing things.  Oh my goodness!  Its very, very exciting!

Love and moonlight to everyone!  Its good to hear hope so vibrantly alive and laughing in a determined friend’s joy.




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