Bay City mom’s letter to the editor on White Stallion coal plant

From the Bay City Tribune.

Dear Editor,

I am a local 28 year old that would never support the coal plant, White Stallion, that is planning to build just outside of city limits.

We all know that they will require water for their operation, but how much?

We are already short of water for my fiancé’s ranch and all the rice farmers.

They are claiming to be using a dry cooling system. (Which will basically just let the exhaust out of the plant; virtually no cooling is “dry cooling”.) I had to  look that up on Wikipedia.

While our local farmers are receiving refusal letters from LCRA, the coal plant almost got the contract for water from the river authority.  Thankfully, LCRA had a town hall meeting where they were overrun with local farmers.

Now, they are attempting to purchase water rights from local residents, which will affect everyone from Brownsville to Houston.

How long would it take for the groundwater to recharge?

Is the water going to be safe for my 3 year old?

White Stallion claims to be using the most up-to-date, and cleanest plans. However they have submitted three different plans to three different offices including the Army Corps of engineers. How can we trust them?

They are already misleading officials, and they haven’t even broke ground!

Also, coal plants only give out 56 percent of their jobs promised, according to Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies.  That means they are promising 100 permanent jobs, of which we can hope to see.

Jessica Pennington


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