Making Solar Affordable Through Rebates and Loan Programs

I know, it sounds far fetched, but believe it or not, progressive efforts are being made every day in Texas to make solar energy more affordable through rebates and loans. For the past decade, the big issue with solar energy has been the cost, but energy companies such as Austin Energy and City Public Service Energy offer solar rebate incentives and loan options to both businesses and residents alike. In a list of state incentives for renewable efficiency, many possible loan and rebate programs are listed for the state of Texas. Specifically, it is mentioned that, “Austin Energy offers solar PV loans up to $20,000 for solar photovoltaics, which may be combined with Austin Energy solar PV rebates which is an incentive of $2 per Watt.” CPS Energy of San Antonio has a similar program.

Furthermore, as of July 23rd, “CPS Energy and OCI Solar Power launched the largest municipally owned mega solar project,” for residents and companies in Texas. “The 400-MW San Antonio project is the largest in the nation among municipal utilities, and will catapult Texas into the top five U.S. solar producing states.” This is certainly a step in the right direction as it will create 805 additional jobs and will provide clean energy for over 70,000 San Antonio households. Way to go Texas, keep up the good work!

In addition, for those interested in learning more about Solar Energy and how to make this dream a reality, come check out our Solar Panel of top notch speakers the last weekend in September at the Renewable Roundup! Hope to see everyone there!

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