Pedernales Announces Two New Solar Programs

The Pedernales Electric Cooperative just announced two new solar programs for their members. The largest, and fastest growing electric cooperative Board of Directors worked to pass a 30 percent renewable goal and a 20% demand reduction goal, and these two new pilot projects will help the cooperative achieve those goals.

Below is their official press statement


PEC announces solar pilot programs at second Hill Country Solar Tour

10/6/2012 1:44:41 PM


Pedernales Electric Cooperative proudly welcomed more than 150 Co-op members and guests attending the Oct. 6 Hill Country Solar Tour. The event, held in partnership with the Texas Solar Energy Society, was the second tour for PEC, and it featured residential and commercial solar installations in Oak Hill, Dripping Springs and Blanco. There also were educational exhibits and presentations from industry experts.

The tour kicked off at the Co-op’s Oak Hill Office, where PEC’s Chief Executive Officer RB Sloan announced the Co-op had just finalized agreements for two new distributed generation pilot programs. The Co-op will partner with NRG SolarLife and CommunitySun to bring additional solar resources and opportunities to members.

“In August, the Board cemented the Co-op’s goal to satisfy 30 percent of our electric generation capacity requirements by 2020 from renewable generation resources, and these pilot programs are a solid step toward working with our members to meet this goal,” PEC District 7 Director and Board Vice President Dr. Patrick Cox said.

Cox, who also serves as chair of the Board’s Energy Committee, continued, “Increasing our commitment to renewable energy brings value to our members and the Co-op.”

NRG SolarLife offers residential solar array leasing, while CommunitySun specializes in a SolarCondo solar farm concept in which participants purchase “shares” in a large-scale solar facility. The pilot programs are still in development; PEC plans to introduce the SolarLife pilot in early 2013.

The Hill Country Solar Tour was originally created to respond to members’ increasing interest on the subject. The Co-op continues to see steady growth in solar interest and member interconnections. Currently, there are 176 interconnections — 142 of which utilize solar power.

“We have seen a definite increase in interconnections and member interest in solar technology in the past few years,” said Sloan. “At PEC, we take pride in providing educational resources and opportunities that benefit and interest members. The Hill Country Solar Tour has served as a great opportunity to network with industry experts and educate PEC members and the community.”

For more details about the Hill Country Solar Tour, interconnection or the Co-op’s renewable efforts, visit

2 responses to “Pedernales Announces Two New Solar Programs

  1. Please, tell me the price per kilowatt for the coop members monthly billing. Is it below $0.10?

  2. You will need to contact Pedernales — the NRG deal is a solar leasing program, so the cost of your monthly payment will depend on their terms. I believe it is designed so that the amount you save in less energy costs offsets the cost of your monthly payment. I don’t know what the cost is for the community solar deal on a per kilowatt basis..

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