Austin’s Whole Planet

I recently discovered a foundation that, living in Austin, I wish I had known about sooner!  Created and sponsored by Whole Foods Market, the Whole Planet Foundation devotes itself mainly to alleviating poverty and hunger through microcredit.

Whole Planet Foundation reaches out to Africa, Asia, and Latin America providing grants to microfinance institutions which then provide credit to self-employed people living in poverty.  This foundation is works with many entrepreneurship and microfinance institutions, and is supported by many different organizations.  They do work in over 50 countries, distributing resources, and through their work have developed the theory that eliminating poverty would be made easier by three key economic statuses:

  • “A free, or mostly free economy”
  • “A democratic, honest government including judiciary” and
  • “Relative ease of doing business”

And these are the things they work to achieve.  There are many ways of getting involved, including donations and raising loans.  All the information can be found on their website along with info about the foundation, their blog, and even videos of program participants! Check it out here.


One response to “Austin’s Whole Planet

  1. Great to know about. I didn’t know about it either. 🙂

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