Kim Feil, Arlington, TX “The RRC is supposed to manage and not waste the state’s minerals, yet delegates enforcement to the TCEQ which does not even measure methane in their readings. For 3 years I’ve studied the side effects of urban drilling by my home near Cowboys Stadium. I hope to have some luck fixing the loopholes in getting better silica dust controls or at least pressurized ventless flow back tanks in place of the old rural open hatch tanks being used in my neighborhood. We live less than half a mile away from these. The city and Chesapeake have been unresponsive to my requests about the use of these tanks so I could check the winds and evacuate my family if necessary. The PUC needs to facilitate non-fossil fuel energy development because our weather is becoming more severe. Sing it with me, ‘Old school fossil fuels, make a few of us rich and the rest of us fools!”

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