Mary Kelleher, Ft. Worth, TX “In 2010, Enterprise products construction started building a natural gas transmission line and metering station about half the size of a football field next to my home. Incredibly the RRC has no setback requirement for these lines or metering stations. The blast radius for the transmission line is in excess of 700 ft and my home is only 65 ft from it. The blast radius for the metering station cannot even be calculated by the RRC because they have no record of the number of pipelines or psi of pipelines running to that facility. Both were constructed in a flood plain without required permits. Both were constructed in closed municipal landfill without required permits. The RRC claims they have no jurisdiction over either matter. If the RRC has no oversight over the construction of these facilities, how can they allow them to operate? My case is not the exception. I can only hope that things have improved since 2009, but I can’t bet my life on it. The RRC has already done this for me. All I can do now is hope and pray that you’ll protect other citizens by making necessary changes”

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