Ranjana Bhandari, North Arlington, TX “In the last two years, we have been offered payments for leases to drill under our home. I am an economist and my husband is a physicist, and we looked at the expected potential payoff and the documented risk, and decided not to sign a lease with Chesapeake. Because enough of our neighbors signed, the company was permitted a lease to drill in our neighborhood. The company used a Rule 37 exemption in order to gain permission from the RRC to drill under our home. Drillers have distorted the original intent of this rule, use it over and over again, and grab minerals that they do not compensate landowners for nor obtain consent for. 1,623 out of 1,628 requests to drill under Rule 37 w/out landowners consent have been approved by the RRC. This shows there is a gross imbalance of power at the RRC. When we ask for a delay due to business and work, the RRC tells us we are in violation of several rules, whereas Chesapeake is granted delays w/ ease. Our children cannot breathe money. They need the clean water and clean air.”

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