Radioactive Waste Import Bill Passes in TX Senate

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For Immediate Release:  Tuesday, April 23, 2013

For More Information:
Mr. Cyrus Reed, Conservation Director, Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter

Statement of Cyrus Reed, Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter, on

Passage of SB 791 Today in Texas Senate

“The Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter continues to oppose Senate Bill 791 by Senator Kel Seliger because the bill would increase the radioactivity and volume of waste coming from out-of-state generators to a disposal site that was designed for less radioactive waste generated in Texas and Vermont only.  While we appreciate the successful floor amendments by Senators Seliger, Robert Duncan and Juan Hinojosa to improve the bill, as well as the effort of Senator Seliger to meet our concerns, we remain opposed to the bill that will increase out-of-state waste imports of the hottest ‘low-level’ radioactive waste.

“The Sierra Club is currently in court at the State Court of Appeals to defend our right to have a contested case hearing on the original license issued to Waste Control Specialist, after having won on that issue at State District Court. We believe ultimately we will win the right to a contested case hearing and the license will be found invalid. To authorize further imports of waste to this site before our lawsuit is resolved is premature.”



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